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Am I able to add users without extending my contract?
You can add additional users at any time by calling 1-833-SMB-0550. Your contract is based on your original date of service and is subject to First Communications Cloud IP PBX Service Terms and standard Terms and Conditions.
How do I access the features on my phone?
At the time of setup you will be provided with a User Guide for your phone of choice. The User Guide will provide a detailed description including visuals of the phone features and displays. If you have questions you can always reach us at 833-SMB-0550.
Can I upgrade to another phone model?
Your phone can be upgraded to another model for an additional charge. Please call 1-833-SMB-0550 for further information.
Is the phone mine to keep?
All phones and equipment are rented by customer and returned at end of term.
Can I use a headset with your phones?
Yes, headsets can be used with both the Polycom and Yealink models. To confirm headset compatibility call us at 1-833-SMB-0550.
What kind of features do you offer?
We offer Voicemail to Email, Auto Attendants, Busy Lamp Fields and Call Parking just to name a few. You can find more of our features under “Plans & Pricing”.
Can my payment automatically come out of my account each month?
Yes, automatic bill pay is the preferred way of payment. You can sign up for automatic bill pay thru the Customer Management Portal.
What if I need to change the credit card information you have on file?
Credit card information can be changed thru the Customer Management Portal under Billing - Make A Payment – Add a New Payment Profile.
How do I get to the Admin Portal to make changes?
You can make changes thru the Customer Management Portal at any time under Products - Cloud IP PBX Admin.
I have a question regarding my invoice?
For invoice questions you can speak to one of our customer service representatives by calling 833-SMB-0550.
What is IP?
IP is short for Internet Protocol. This is basically a set of rules and regulations for how information is exchanged between devices across a network or multiple networks. When used in reference to phones, such as: IP phones; it is merely referring to the phones using the Internet for communications, rather than using telephone lines or a PRI.
Is there 24x7 support available? What’s the phone number to call?
Yes, First Communications support is here 24/7. The number for repair issues is (800) 860-2934.
How long after ordering a new phone can I expect delivery?
The phones are shipped out within 3 to 8 days of the contract being signed.
Can I still get calls if my Internet goes down?
Yes! If your internet goes down, or your device is unreachable, we can send calls automatically to another number (your cell phone for example) if you so choose.
Is there a minimum speed needed for my Internet connection?
For each call you place, it will require approximately 64 kbps of bandwidth. Our recommendation, if you have an asymmetrical service, such as cable, is to have upload speeds of at least 10 Mbps; such as a cable connection with 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload.
Does 911 work with this service?
Yes, all 911 functionality works with this service.
Will this work over a wireless connection?
Our phones require a physical Ethernet connection for connectivity.
Is there additional hardware I need to purchase?
We do not require any additional hardware. Our product will work over any high speed, stable connection.
Can my work from home employees use this service?
Yes, our phones can be utilized anywhere there is a stable, high-speed Internet connection.
Do I need Internet for this product to work?
Yes, these phones work over the Internet. Our product will work over any high speed, stable connection. For the best voice quality, we recommend implementing QoS (Quality of Service) on your network. This will allow voice to take priority over data traffic and will help prevent call quality issues when there is heavy Internet utilization.

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